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There are Problems in The Silicon Rubber Industry

Sep. 03, 2018

The following problems exist in the silicon rubber industry which product Grc Molding Silicone Rubber and others:

1. Customers are unwilling to open mold for production. Yes, is it not good to find a supplier with mold for the same product? Why are you wanted? But to some quite senior old customer, this piece of small ornament of silicon rubber still can solve feed and clove problem. He always has a steady source of customers and needs to purchase.

2.Electronic cases wich maybe be producted by Silicone For Grc Molding (cell phone cases, game consoles, watch bands, etc.) are also needed year after year, but it's hard for newbies to get in, and most of them are not as good as they used to be. So, bring about, some manufacturer do goods to do not come over, some is desolate.

3. The low pressure of the unit price is not ok, but the sealing ring and remote button can be done. Although no profits, but if a good customer, the customer is very stable.

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