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What Matters Should Silicon Rubber Mold Manufacture Notice?

Aug. 07, 2018

Precautions for making silicon rubber mold which is made by Silicone Rubber for Tire Mold MakingSilicone Rubber for Figurines Molding or others:

1. Group B is a catalyst, easy to be hydrolyzed by moisture, so cover the lid tightly after use.

2. Once group A and group B are mixed, the chemical reaction takes place. Begin immediately, viscosity rises gradually, cannot stop, in order to avoid waste, should according to dosage, along with use match, after match should be used immediately, not delay.

3. The mix ratio of group A and group B is related to the speed of chemical reaction and the performance of the mold. The higher the B component, the faster the reaction, the higher the strength and hardness of the product, but the lower the toughness. Therefore, weighing requires precision.

4. Before preparation, mix up and down the A component materials evenly and weigh them.

5. The casting method is suitable for relief sculpture, and the painting method is suitable for the production of three-dimensional mold. The mold of casting relief type should first make the frame with the length and width greater than 4-6cm each. The border should be flat and the interior smooth. When pouring, place the border on a clean glass plate, and then place the original in the frame. Leave 2-3cm space between each side

Silicone Rubber for Figurines Molding

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