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A Weapon to Enshrine Wlectronic Products - the Most Complete Introduction of Electronic Encapsulated Silicone

Sep. 29, 2018

Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber is a kind of perfusion in the electronic components on a liquid silicone, which is used for filling and sealing on the electronics, power supply, electronic products protective glue, can offer the best internal stress requirements for electronic device after use, will not guarantee the components interact, avoid components directly exposed to the air, have prevent the erosion of components by the environment, improve the service life of the components, or achieve waterproof, dustproof, heat conduction. It can also provide excellent heat dissipation ability and flame retardant performance for electronic components, and effectively improve the anti-damp ability of electronic components, so as to guarantee the stability of using electronic components.

Electronic potting silicone is mainly used in transformers, ignition coil, rectifier, capacitor, filter, drives, ignition, ignition coil, power controller, aquarium water pump, power saving module, LED lamp, LED guardrail lamps, LED modules, anion generator, electronic door locks, xenon lamp, our device, magnetic locks, mobile phone, power supply box, ultra-thin computer, game consoles, digital cameras, airport runway, electronic induction module, potting, confidentiality, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof function.

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Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber

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