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What Are The Characteristics of Silicon Rubber?

Sep. 19, 2018

General silicon rubber such as Silicone Rubber China has the following characteristics:

Silicone Rubber China

(1) high and low temperature resistance. In all rubber, silicone rubber working temperature range of the most wide (100 ~ 350 ℃).

(2) ozone resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance and weather resistance. The properties of silicone rubber vulcanizate were not significantly changed after exposed to the sun for several years.

(3) electrical insulation performance. The electrical insulating property of silicone rubber vulcanizate changes little when it is subjected to damp, frequency change or temperature rise.

(4) special surface performance and physiological inertia. The surface energy of silicon rubber such as Food Grade Silicone Rubber China is smaller than most organic materials, with low moisture absorbency. The water absorption rate in water is only about 1% for a long time. The physical property does not decline, and the mildew resistance is good.

(5) high permeability. Compared with other macromolecular materials, silicon rubber has good air permeability. The transmissibility of nitrogen, oxygen and air at room temperature is 30 ~ 40 times higher than that of NR. It is selective for gas permeation, for example, it is about five times as permeable as oxygen to carbon dioxide.

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