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Why Does Transparent Silica Gel Product Become Yellow?

Sep. 04, 2018

Transparent silicone products don't turn yellow for a few years, but sometimes during production, some of the transparent silicone products such as Jewelry Molding Silicone, just come out of the oven look yellow and change color. Why does transparent silica gel product become yellow?

1. Sometimes we add anti-yellowing agent into the adhesive, but the transparent silicone product still looks yellow after forming, which may be because the anti-yellowing ability of the raw material is too poor. For the raw material with poor anti-yellowing resistance, it is recommended to directly replace the raw material.

2. When transparent silica gel products are forming, the color of transparent silica gel products will turn yellow after forming. Too long curing time; After the second sulfur addition.

3. Properties of curing agents can be divided into common type and anti-yellowing. It can be applied in the following two aspects:Ordinary non-resistant yellow vulcanizing agent, applied to some non-exposed silica gel products such as Silicone for Potting Electronic Circuit Board, which can be used in dark color or with low color requirements;

Anti-yellowing vulcanizing agents are applied to products that need to be exposed, are lighter and more vivid in color, and require higher color requirements.

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