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Shoe Molds Are Specific to Some Products

Oct. 11, 2018

Liquid Silicone for Shoe Sole Molds refers to the product of silica gel mold specially made by users. The shoes made by using the silicon mold are more soft and comfortable to wear. Non-slip socks, etc.

Shoe mold silica gel has the characteristics of small hardness, low adhesion, good tensile and tear strength, moderate hardness, and no deformation of the mold.

Shoe molds are mainly used for shoe molds, casting sand turnover, sole sampling, gypsum model, injection of silica gel mold simple products, not complex patterns of products, dimensional stability, non-deformation model.

Liquid Silicone for Shoe Sole Molds

The following parameters are available for the molded silica gel:

Viscosity (CPS) is 15000cps; Hardness (Ao) 30 ~ 35; The tensile strength (Mpa) is greater than or equal to 15. Tear strength (KN/m) greater than or equal to 7.5; (KN/m) elongation (%) is greater than or equal to 200; Curing agent addition ratio (%)2~3; Operation time (h)0.5

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